Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Tree Ghost

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19:41:16 UTC

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marie metz

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hello, im not even sure what ive captured on film. i believe it to be a ghost.
there was no standing there when i took the picture. it was taken in a state
park in story city, iowa. the name of the park i believe is skunk river. it was
taken 2 yrs summer of 2009. i would just like a second opinion basically. maybe
more of an expert opinion. as i am not lol. this picture was taken completely by
accident. i was taking a picture of the tree shaping structure. that you can see
in the picture. so take a look and tell me what you thnk. remember theres
suppose to be nothing in the picture, but the root structure. if you look all
the way back to the left. it appears like someone is standing there. please have
a look and thank you.

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