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Fall Staff Experience Ghost Sightings Pictures.

Fall Staff Experience Ghost Sightings and Histoy.

Always a prominent feature on Stratford's landscape, right in the heart of the town, the Shrieve's House and the awarding winning and haunted Shrieve's House barn (The Falstaff's Experience) date back to the 16th century, although a dwelling has stood on this spot since 1196.

The first known tenant of the building was William Shrieve, who was an archer to King Henry VIII. His name still survives today and in a house such high rank, it could be reasonably assumed he was an important figure in his day and may possibly have been a Sheriff of some sort, as his name suggests.

In the 16th century it was a tavern and the tavern keeper, William Rogers, is said to have been the inspiration for Shakespeare's famous comic character Falstaff. There is documented evidence that his family had strong connections with Shakespeare, as Shakespeare's daughter Suzannah was close friends with Elizabeth, the daughter of the Rogers.

In the 17th century, wounded soldiers were brought back to the building after the first battle of the English Civil War at Edgehill. Following the war, John Woolmer, tenant of the building was made the very first Mayor of Stratford.

Having survived two great fires, the plague and Civil War, the house has a lot of secrets to share including hidden priestholes, secret chambers and not forgetting the hauntings

The Hauntings

There are a number of 'dominant' spirits said to be active in the property: an archer from the time of Henry VIII; a serial murderer from the 18th century; a little girl who was a pickpocket in the tavern; a Catholic gentleman from the time of the reformation and a justice of the peace who used his power to run an extortion ring with threats, violence and trumped up charges. There are also sightings of the parliamentary soldiers, children and animals. During certain times of year a dark hooded figure with red glowing eyes, who is said to be a very ancient spirit, stands back and watches.

Extra Sightings.
Ghost of a man in Tudor dress walking up and down the stairs; Feelings of being strangled or having head lice; Apparition of a tall, thin man dressed in black moving along the first floor; Spirit of little girl who tugs at visitors pockets and rearranges the museum at night; Ghost of a pale and ill-looking woman; Footsteps heard and articles thrown across the room when no-one in area; Spirit of an evil man thought to be an 18th century rapist and murderer named John Davies; Sightings of Civil war soldiers; Dark cloaked figure with red eyes which stands and watches people

Ghost Pictures
Sadly i cannot find much evidence of these claims on google images and etc.
Here is the only picture i can find which may be classed as paranormal to some people. .

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