Wednesday, 4 July 2012

semi professional photographer takes picture of ghost???


01:01:45 UTC

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Tammy Gagnon

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I have been a semi professional photographer for 12 years. I am always aware of
framing when I take a picture. I never review my pictures on my LCD because it
is so hard to see what I have so I wait until I get home and download them onto
my computer before I delete them.  I was at the Saint Augustine lighthouse
residence quarters Museum and I took a picture of a model boat in a glass case.
I got close enough to omit the initial glass and took the photo in manual to
avoid using my flash so that it wouldn't bounce off the glass case and I would
be able to see more of the detailing of the boat.  When I got home and brought
the picture up on my computer this is what I saw.  I did not see the black and
white figure that appears to be female dressed as a "WAC" when I took this frame
but something is there now.  Some people think that it's digitally altered but I
am sending you the jpg unedited.  Also some say that it's a cardboard cut out
that is reflected through the glass but !
there were no cardboard cut outs displayed in the museum.  If you examine the
picture closely it appears that a man is standing automically to her left with
his back facing the figure.  I don't know what to make of this I only know that
the figure was not there when I took this photo.

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  1. I find the black and white nature of the figure hardest to explain, but it does look very like a cut out.

  2. Yes, first of all i would like to thank you for your input on our ghost pictures 2012 blog, I understand were you are coming from and yes it does look like a cut out. But question is... the message on the blog is exact what the person sent to us.. what pleasure would people get from faking pics? pictures what are truly real we could easly dismiss as fake.

    Is there any thing what can explane this? thanks

  3. I believe that the picture is fabricated and faked.The woman is a card board,and the shadow of the man is a reflection of the man model toy that is on the left.This means that there is a glass on the right ,thus the model was reflected on it.

  4. Yep i understand what you mean. So do you think this was intensionally faked?

    Cheers. Project-reveal.
    It be good if the person who took the photo could give some more comments :)