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Fort Paull History and Ghost Sightings

Fort Paull History and ghost sightings

This Saturday Project-reveal have been invited to fort paul with ghostchasersuk “GCUK” for the paranormal groups production BBC America submission - Here is a report of ghost sightings and history of Fort Paull.


PAULL BATTERY  Aka “fort paull” was built on the orders of Henry VIII, but played its first significant role when, in July 1642, during the Civil War in England, King Charles I visited the newly-built Paull Battery to review his forces, the same year the Battery was partly demolished by gunfire from Parliamentarian ships sailing up the Humber to relieve the siege of Hull, which at the same time damaged Paull Church with shots meant for the Battery.

It was not until the Crimean war of 1854 - 56 that it was thought necessary to fully repair and rebuild the Battery and it is this building complex which can be seen today. It was occupied by the Royal Artillery and was armed with 19 guns for the protection of the river approaches.  

During WW2 the battery continued to be part of Hull’s defences, and until the 1960s it was owned by the Crown before being finally sold off into private ownership. The battery (re-named “Fort Paull” ) is now a historical military site with an award-winning museum featuring static displays and re-enactments etc. at weekends during the summer.

Time table History of Fort Paull
c.670 AD
Paull Cliff was the most prominent point on the major north/south frontier of the Humbrenses - the "people of the Humber" which was later the Nordanbymbri when the vast Northumbrian kingdom successfully extended its territory through incessant bloody battling.
910 AD
Landing of Edward and Aethelflaed on the Humber banks on the site of present-day Paull and establishing of settlements by a second wave of immigrants from Scandinavia.
Existence of several beacons on High Paull Cliff, the site of the present Fort.
Henry VIII establishes a fortress of 12 guns at Paull Cliffs (known as Paull Cliff Battery) as part of his defence policy.
Charles I inspects the troops and artillery pieces at Paull; the seige of Hull triggers off the Civil War in England; Fort Paull is attacked by Parliamentarian ships.
New 4 to 5 acre Battery of guns established at the Paull Cliff site, built to defend against Napoleon.
Construction of the present fortification, at the time known as Paull Point Battery. The pentagonal layout has the appearance of Queen Victoria's crown.
Major reconstruction of the battery to incorporate the latest technology and guns to combat the modern Iron-Clad warships.
Due to establishent of batteries nearer the mouth of the Humber, the guns are removed. Paull becomes HQ for Humber Fire Command and Training Centre until WWII.
Storage for ant-aircraft ammunition for the defence of merchant shipping and also top-secret laboratory work and storage by the Ministry of Works. The Battery was covertly visited by Winston Churchill on an inspection of south and east coastal defences.
Paull Fort is sold off by the Ministry of Defence after fifteen years of National Service.
Volunteers (initially 7) under the umbrella of "Friends of Fort Paull" begin restoring the fort as a heritage attraction.
The Fort Paull Visitors' Centre and Armouries is launched by the Friends of Fort Paull Heritage Organisation of Great Britain.


Many paranormal teams investigate fort paul and the venue is booked most weekends for ghost hunts. Here are the reports on what we could find.

The ‘Rabbit Nanny’ - Miss Jenkins, known in the locality as “Rabbit Nanny,” hawked rabbits in the streets of Hull and it was said that her voice could be heard across the river at Barton. She sold her body prior to her death for the sum of £5, for dissection and medical research in Hull, and her skeleton was subsequently bought from a Dr. Hay and put on display; this skeleton is also now one of the exhibits at Fort Paull. “Rabbit Nanny” is said to haunt the underground sections of the Fort.

* The Ghostly Soldier – When the disappearing gun was replaced by a searchlight station in 1907 Fort Paull became one of the earliest Fort’s to provide its own electricity. The equipment needed to run the station was charged regularly and some of the soldiers at the Fort began stealing this equipment and selling it to local traders.

* One night a group of soldiers were caught trying to steal equipment by their Sergeant Major and were duly court-martialed and sent to their prison cells. The following day one of the prisoners was found hanging from the ceiling of his cell. The subsequent investigation suggested that the poor fellow was so frightened of the ghosts of Fort Paull that he could take no more than one evening in their company in his cell. The soldier himself and the spirits he witnessed are said to haunt the cells and the corridor in-between them at the Fort.
* Derek – Staff have described chairs and other objects being moved around in the bar and
restaurant area at the Fort have attributed this to a spirit they have named Derek.
King Henry VIII – Built the first Fort in 1542.
* King Charles I – Visited the Fort in July 1642 to inspect the troops and artillery.
* Winston Churchill - Covertly visited the Fort during an inspection of south and east coastal defences
* Elvis Presley - Travelled on the Berliner train during his time in the military. Using the restaurant carriage which is now located at the Fort.

On previous investigations at Fort Paull people have experienced the following paranormal phenomena:
* Disembodied voices heard in various areas of the Fort.
* Being physically pushed.
* Exhibits being moved in the museum.
* Doors opening/closing of their own accord.
* Shadowy figures moving in the subterranean levels.
* Sudden temperature drops and ‘cold spots’.
* The feeling of being watched at all times.
Here is a report from a woman who called herself a sceptic.
On previous Ghost Hunts at Fort Paull people have apparently experienced various paranormal phenomena, with shadowy figures moving in the underground areas, sudden temperature drops and ‘cold spots’, and doors and museum exhibits moving of their own accord!

The world’s only surviving Blackburn Beverley Aircraft and lots of amenities including tea rooms made up from a train carriage once used by Elvis Presley who travelled on it during his time in the military.

The vaults - Within minutes of us asking if anyone was there we heard footsteps on the upper level of the vaults cement floor, heavy, definite footsteps. Followed by Groaning,

Within 2 minutes two of the group had seen shadows moving in the corridor beyond the alcove and our phantom footsteps had again begun upstairs. Jason then challenged the spirit, saying he did not believe that it was making the noises or the shadows and that we were going to leave. At that, the footsteps seemed to increase in volume and appeared to head towards the stairs leading down into the vaults. Moments later, behind Jason came the same loud exhalation, this time heard by the entire group and the followed by footsteps down the corridor towards the other end of the vaults.

If you have any ghost sightings please comment and reply to this posting.

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