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Maltby Private House Ghosts Pictures and Reports on Investigation.

Maltby Private House Ghost Investigation Report and Pictures.

Date - IRN
Arrived at location

Setup Equipment / Camera’s / Full spectrum light / Wildlife Cam / Black Light / Trigger tri field / Plasma Ball / Strobe Light /

Finished Setup

EMF Sweep, Non found from natural sources

Filming started – Stage: Walk around.

Walk Around Finished.

Photo phase of: Full Spectrum 3D, UV, IR, Full Spectrum, + normal spectrum.

End of Photo Phase. Nothing to report.

EVP Session 1 in Living Room. “Nothing to report on what we heard”
However there was some unusual activity with the K2 & Esmog, The sound of the esmog was ---.- / ---.-/---.- constant nearly (Larry seemed to think it was a phone sound)

EVP Session 1 Ended – Moved to Top of Landing.  EVP Session 2 Started.

EMF Found on the floor 2.5 Reading.

EVP Session 2 Ended – Moved into Main Bedroom – EVP session 3 started

EVP Session 3 Ended – Nothing to report – 15 min brake.

Laser Grid session Started, in Living room.

Laser grid session ended and moved to Top of Stairs, Laser Grid session 2 started.

Laser grid session 2 ended and moved into Main Bedroom. Laser grid session 3 started.

Laser grid session 2 ended, Also tried brake beam experiment no luck there.

Packed away.

Overview: This was a great nice investigation into the paranormal happenings reported by Hayley house owner.

Main activity was reported in the main bedroom and Landing, Were Hayley woke up to find a little boy staring at her from the bottom of the bed. Couple weeks later Hayley’s boyfriend woke up to the same thing. They reported the tv turning itself off, and one time the tv sound was robotic.

For more info on the sightings and reporting’s please watch our Documentary video.

Investigation Notes: We started the investigation expecting the least, placed our equipment around the house, tried some new tactics and experiments for visual and photo with our Natural full spectrum light, Black light, Laser grid, 3D Camera’s IR, UV, AND etc.

 The main puzzling thing was the EMF’s found in the Living room. A  Place were activity wasn’t reported. When doing the walk around Larry couldn’t find any EMF at all. Intill the investigation started that’s when we had EMFS with a strange pattern, of every 40secs to 1 min the k2 / e smog would go off.
Data Logger Readings of Humidity and Tempature

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