Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lumire Hotel Ghost Indonesia

18:38:02 UTC

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Paul Hunstad

Picture Description:
I took this picture in the Lumire Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. It used to be the
Aston Hotel that apparently is a very old hotel that existed during the Dutch
colonial period.  I shot this picture on film using Fuji Superia ISO 200 film
and a Fuji Silvi 1000 film camera. I saw nothing when I took the picture, but
this is what showed up after I took it. It looks like a headscarf but if you
look more closely you may or may not see a long gown underneath it.  Let me know
if film chemicals may have caused this abberation. I examined the film negative
and it also has this anomaly on it.  I only use Photoshop to remove scratches
and "auto color", "auto contrast" and "auto levels".  I did not manipulate the
picture to produce this anomaly. Thanks!  Paul (expatriate living in Jakarta)
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