Monday, 2 July 2012

Haunted by my aura

date: 2011-12-19 time: 11:22:14 UTC Your Email Address: andr?????? Your Name.: Andrew laird Picture Description: Hi, I had a photo done in a hotel room, and when we looked back there is a strange egg shaped bright white light floating above my head. We took another photo and it was still there, but after that it never showed up again. Also some time later we stopped to take a photo on a bridge, and I wasn't in the picture but right beside the camera, and this time a beautiful golden orange shape exactly like the one above my head showed up, and it only showed the once, then after taking loads more shots it never appeared again! The camera has never done this before, or since. And in the hotel room there was no reflective material or no spot lights on at the time as it was daytime, nor did the camera flash which makes it even more strange. Just wonder3ed if you could maybe explain what it could be please? I do practice the 'white light' method where i ask and visualise a bright white spiritual light entering my head and filling my body and Aura with spiritual positive energy, wondered ! if this could be it, because I also said it was egg shaped and surrounding my body with positive light. Thanks for your help and time. Regards Andrew Laird Upload a Picture - EVP - Video: Next Email. Picture Description: Same picture, light is no longer here. Camera had no flash, photo taken during day, and no lights on in room just natural light Upload a Picture - EVP - Video:


  1. If your camera is in a case and there is a strap at the top to close it which can hang down over the lense . It can hang down..I have done this.. Could be your finger too..

  2. I was thinking the same. Can you supply the original untouched photos to us? id love to see originals and the EXIF data too.

  3. Thanks for your comments, If your from a team or website. feel free to post your link as your name. :) Hope to see you back soon. i add pictures nealy daily.